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Health & Wellness,
Life Coach and Consultant


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Large Group Speaking
One on One Health Coaching
One on One Life Coaching
Gathering at Home with Friends
Home Decorating
Organization Consulting

Coaching can bring you and your family to optimal health and wellbeing. 

  • Get your blood pressure under control

  • Get control of your blood sugar 

  • Manage day-to-day stress

  • Learn to organize your home efficiently

  • Control Inflammation

  • Learn breathing techniques to help with stress and digestion 

  • Learn the technique of Reframe

  • Sometimes we just need someone to listen and to be there to give that gentle guidance toward better health

Get on a path to mind, body, and soul health that will reinvent your entire family

Bella At Home

Have a fun gathering . A gathering totally dedicated to your health, where we will learn to take control of our health without diets or medications. We will share in open discussions as we gather around to watch how easy it is to prepare a fast healthy meal, not just for you but for your whole family.


The Bella approach is a holistic approach. No ultra processed anything. Bella’s approach is IF GOD MADE IT EAT IT !! It’s just that simple.

Bella at home is only available to people living in a 90 mile radius. 

Marylouise Evans

HCI Certified Health Coach (HCI-CHC)

HCI Certified Life Coach (HCI-CLC)

CCE & ICF Credential Holder


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